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Android app compatibility with TeamViewer 11 & 12


we're currently using a licensed TeamViewer 11 to remote support our android tablets. With the version upgrade from TeamViewer 10 to 11 we had to also upgrade our version from 10 to 11 as the former Teamviewer 10 was no longer able to connect to the andoird quick support app.

How will this be handled when TeamViewer 12 is released? Will the Android App still connect to TeamViewer 11? Or will we need to upgrade our desktop installation as well (and thus spend money on this)?



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TeamViewer Staff

RE: Android app compatibility with TeamViewer 11 & 12

Dear cgmelch,

thank you so much for your post.

You will be pleased to hear, that connections from TeamViewer 11 are still possible to the current TeamViewer Android App.

In general, TeamViewer is downward compatible. That means, that TeamViewer can make connections to older versions, but not to newer versions. Therefore I cannot tell you if these connections are still possible in the future.

So, as long as it is possible to make the connections from TeamViewer 11 to the current TeamViewer App: Have fun and enjoy your mobile remote connections.

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Re: RE: Android app compatibility with TeamViewer 11 & 12

And other question is if it will be possible to connect from v11 to v12? And not from mobile apps but from desktop just in general?