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Posted by alippiatt

Re: RE: Audio/Sound problems. Please help

This worked for me in TeamViewer 12 on Windows 10. OpenTeamViewer, click Extras, then Options. Click Audio Conferencing. The setting you may need to change is under Voice Playback-->Speakers. By default, mine was selected to Default Communication Device on both the remote and local computers. You need to change this to the appropriate setting on both computers. For example, I left the remote computer's setting alone (which was set to "Default Communication Device" and changed my local computer's setting to "Speakers / Headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio). Of course, you'll need to unmute and set appropriate volume on both the local and remote computer. Also, this assumes you know to check the "play computer sounds and music" box.

The reason it didn't work by default was that my Default Communication Device set in the Sound properties of the Windows 10 Control Panel was set to a computer monitor that didn't have speakers connected to it.

Hope this helps others.



Posted by bharles

Re: RE: Audio/Sound problems. Please help

I didn't have to change my voice playback device but going to the audio conferencing settings did lead me to the volume bar, which was turned down for some reason. Turned it back up and sound works! 

Posted by mackpt1

Re: RE: Audio/Sound problems. Please help

Here is how to fix Audio Volume Issues in Windows 10

1- Search for Sound in the Search bar at the bottom of desktop.

2- Go to Sound settings in the Control Panel

3- Right click the default devices in the new window that pops up and go to its Properties section.

4- Click on the Enhancements tab , choose the option to Disable all enhancements and hit the button Apply.


Posted by webhasan

Mic Problem in MAC for Teamviewer 13

Microphone does not work for TeamViewer 13. 

Microphone works fine for version 12 but unfortunately, TeamViewer  forces to update it to version 13

Posted by What_no_Sound

Re: RE: Audio/Sound problems. Please help

Does not work! Bad , static, or no Sound STILL! Latest windows 10 and TV on both computers.
Went to using 「**Third Party Product**」 for sound! Hey TV tech's This is an Idea contact 「**Third Party Product**」 for help for this issue!

Posted by massimoscali

Re: RE: Audio/Sound problems. Please help

I'm sorry to say that it doesn't seem to be a Mac problem: Skype works fine .

When I share the desktop and play a sound from a Mac the other Mac plays the remote sound too.

Posted by eliaspizarro

Re: RE: Audio/Sound problems. Please help

Thanks, but it's 2019.....


Same problem

Posted by FabioAlmeida

Still wondering Around the Audio output streaming and microphone

I'm currently working on a e-learning Music school, yet unfortunatelly can't stream microphone and Audio output from student. I would love to find a solution for this, runned all posts around this theme and nothing found.

We are using on both systems an external sound card, anyway, already tried with internal sound card and nothing, can't hear what I'm doing on destination computer. Is there a solution for this even if it's an third-party software?