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Automatic Account Assignment & The new Assignment Tool

Hi everyone,

Is the old method of automatic account assignment disabled in version 12? We have our Service Connection Point set up in AD and it was working in version 11, however it doesn't work anymore in version 12. I assume this is being deprecated in favour of the new assignment tool? 

I tested the assignment tool and it seems to work, however it's always spitting an error: 

=> Assignment failed with:
POST-Request 'devices/assign' failed with 400 (API-Error: 'wrong_password' (Code 19), Description: 'WrongPassword') 

which of course returns exit code 1, even though everything seems to work fine. 

Does anyone know if the assignment tool can be made to work with the full version of TeamViewer? Installing the full version doesn't seem to generate AssignmentData.json so I can't get it to work


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TeamViewer Staff

Re: Automatic Account Assignment & The new Assignment Tool

Hi Arvz,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The old method for automatic account assignment hasn't been disabled, we will need to investigate to see why it is no longer working for you.

As for the new assignment tool, like above we will also need to investitate this issue with you.

Could you submit a ticket via this link:
You can make a reference to this community post.
To ensure that our support staff can assist you as soon as possible, please enter your license key when requested.

Best regards,

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Re: Automatic Account Assignment & The new Assignment Tool

Hi William,

I have managed to make the AD method work now, thanks for that.

I have logged a support ticket and spoke to one of the support engineers and she will look into the error on the assignment tool


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Re: Automatic Account Assignment & The new Assignment Tool

yeah the old method via SCP in AD has worked for me with v12 on a newly built Win10 laptop but subsequest retries hasn't worked for me but I had the same issue with v10 & v11.

However I cant make sense of the KB here to get the account assignment tool working so you're doing better than me. There are gaping holes in this KB IMO. 

What's missing for me is a clear explanation of how to save the api token into a file so that I can use it with the tool and thorough explanation of usage of the tool under both Windows and macOS.