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Can't connect to a remote device

When connecting to a remote device says "ready to connect (secure connection) the following "connect to partner" next to "connection" and that's it...the recording of "identification," no1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

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Re: Can't connect to a remote device

Hello albina,

Is there a way to put the language in english on your console? Did you look for a popup in gthe background, had that problem a couple of times that a popup pops up behind the application on the home screen.

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Iain Wels,
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Re: Can't connect to a remote device

From the very beginning:

Partner connected

Скриншот 10-11-2017 142949.jpg

I go to the console

Скриншот 10-11-2017 142427.jpg

Click the connect button

Скриншот 10-11-2017 143738.jpg

Скриншот 10-11-2017 144117.jpg

then the process is not.

then to be a process of identification and connection,but about 1:30 in the morning in Moscow, it is not happening

no pop-UPS no