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Change username without logging out remote machines?

Hi all

When we originally signed up for Teamviewer, one of the team used their email address to create the account. 

That teammember has now left, and we would like to maintain the TeamViewer acount and the roster of logged in machines, but change the username email address to a more generic one the whole team can access. 

Is this possible to do without it initiating a log out of all the associated machines? Many of them are in very remote rural locations that would be a real pain to drive out to!

td:dr - can I change our account from somebody@gmail.com to info@ourcompany.com without logging out all associated machines.?

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3 Replies
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Re: Change username without logging out remote machines?

Do you guys have a "company" through TeamViewer? If so, you can contact support and they can switch that up. We went through a very similar process a few months ago. We changed it over to a generic account so that we didn't run into a similar issue again.

From looking at my account on a corporate license, I can change my username/e-mail at any time, and through our company we can share these lists.

If this is a plain TeamViewer account, I'm personally not sure - maybe TeamViewer support would be of better assistance.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Change username without logging out remote machines?

Hi aaronabernethy, hi dwyere,

Thank you so much for your posts.

It was a pleasure to read your contribution, special thanks for your help.
I would love to add something.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change anything in existing TeamViewer accounts.
If you have the login data of this account, you have the option to change the mail address.


For changing the mail address, please
        1. log in to management console --> Edit profile



  1. Change existing mail address, name and password


Please note, until the new address is validated, the old address will be shown in the E-mail field.

I hope this was helpful!!!


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Re: Change username without logging out remote machines?

Hi Rayhan

I have changed the email address a week ago but still no changed and I didn't receive any validation email! Please let me know how is the validation process?

Thank you very much in advanced