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Computer &contacts panel windows disappeared with last TV v. 13.1.1548

Dears, I have  TV v. 13.1.1548 dated 9/3/2018.

Since today I noticed computer & contacts panel doesn't pop up on a separated window as previously. It appears only in the TV main window. I compared the flagged option with other PC where it is working but I didn't find any measurable difference. I hope you can help me immediately in solving the issue I am experiencing. I add  pics of the issue.

It sound a useless TV new feature not welcome at all !!

Please help me ! Am I the only one experiencesing that ?





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Re: Computer &contacts panel windows disappeared with last TV v. 13.1.1548

Hi Tegoide

As you have said, this is the new unified interface. So it is quite different from the previous interface. Some people Love it, Some people Hate it. i guess it really depends on the person.New Interface 1.png


New Interface 2.png


You can change back to the previous interface under Options > General uncheck "Use new interface" and restart the software.Change Back.png



I hope this helps :)


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Re: Computer &contacts panel windows disappeared with last TV v. 13.1.1548

Thank you very much for your reply. i wrote my review. i remained unpleasantly surprised of the computer&contact panel disappearing yesterday..
I wasteed more than  1hr in finding out a solution I didn't get and to write and send you my claim. Next time please ask before activating unwanted options. 

One more thing m, can you pelse deactiveated  your built inm spell checking opption and gibve me the opossibilty to use standard google spell cheker ?

Your is reaaly annoying even if powerful !

Is it possible ?

I hope so. Waiting for your prompt answer.