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Posted by nessz07

Computer and Contact list not showing

Upgraded to Teamviewer 13. Computer and Contacts did not synch.

When i log in via web browser to Management Console, all the computers are showing.


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.03.22 pm.png

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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Computer and Contact list not showing

Dear @nessz07

thank you for your message.

Please do the following:

- go to Preferences and then to Advanced

- scroll down till you see Uninstall, select "Also delete configuration files" and click on Uninstall

-once unisntalled download a fresh installation file from here: and install it

- perform a login with your account and tell me if you can see the Computer & Contacts list

Take care!


Enterprise Solutions Engineer

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Posted by ryn

Re: Computer and Contact list not showing

I had the same problem.   Followed these steps but it didn't resolve the issue.  

Note, it was working yesterday when I did the initial installation.  But the computers stopped appearing this morning both before and after I followed these steps.     Like the original post they do appear on other computers and when I login using a web browser.   

Posted by NightFox

Re: Computer and Contact list not showing

If your ID was change, all your clients or contacts will be slowly updating to your new ID code. You may want to give it a little time to resync to your new ID. The servers will be working over time to get this done. All IDs are connected to your account via your EMAIL address (AKA Login) so your clients are assicated to your Email account as well. So they will be slowly syncing up.. I would say 30mins at most for it to run through the database to reconnect. but could be more depending on how many connections needs to be updated.

Posted by ryn

Re: Computer and Contact list not showing

Thanks for the response.   I haven't changed my id.  Email and credentials have been the same for over a year.  

However, I was away from the machine for about an hour ... came back and now the computers appear.    Will see if they are still there when I start fresh again in the morning.