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Computers&contacts shows all machines as connected (and other problems on Ubuntu)


I am having several more or less annoying issues with TeamViewer 13.0.6634 (newest downloaded from the website as of today) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

First, all machines on my c&c list show as connected (blue monitor icon) - even though only 2 are actually online. Management console shows the correct status on all of them.

Second: when connecting to a machine (in this case a Windows 7 computer), the remote machine desktop window used to show in the remote's resolution (in versions 10-12). So when viewing a 1600x900 machine from a 1920x1200 one, the remote window would fill my screen, rendering nicely 1:1. In TV13, I get a tiny little window which I have to either manually resize or hit fullscreen. Since I often make short sessions, it is a minor annoyance, comparable to the infamous "unmute your microphone" bug. Is this a desired behavior, or something you keep your eye on to fix in the future release?

Third, I found that I cannot use Ctrl+[key] combos on the remote machine (connecting to a Windows 7 computer from Ubuntu 14.04). Odd, because I can move around text using Ctrl+arrows, but once I hit e.g. Ctrl+S to save the document - only the letter "s" is printed. Same with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V (prints only "c", "v"). Is there an option to enable that, or is this a bug?

Third bis, similar thing happens to my mouse: only left and right buttons work. Middle click (e.g. to close tabs) is not replicated on the remote machine, neither are the side buttons (forward/backward, e.g. in browser history).

Finally, I tried to look in the TV options on both machines, and found some serious differences in the UI. While in the Windows 7 edition (13.0.6447) I have normal access to the options and all the nice features of the new UI, the Ubuntu version (13.0.6634) seems to miss the whole sidebar (where the links to connections, machines etc. are), and its options menu is severely limited, with probably 5 times less entries than in the Windows edition. The TV emblem in the top right corner of the UI has an orange band on it which says "preview" - have I accidentally downloaded some beta release?

I am using a free license, installed on 3 of my personal physical machines, some running multiple OS's (so I need TV to be configured on each of the installs). I'm ready to provide more information, logs, whatever can help you track down the issues. For now I'm reverting to TV 12 which is stable and predictable.