Posted by harpua1982

Connecting to Minix w/ a pretend password (Host App)

First off, I found a "solution" to question somewhere in the forum, but said "solution" can't really be marked as a "solution" if it didn't solve the issue!

I use TeamViewer to control and service my Minix X8-h (currently running Android 5.1.1) from my Windows 7 PC. For a while, I used QuickConnect and TeamViewer (v. 10?). I was able to login to my Minix Box and w/ the help of Tasker, I was able to automate the authentification process b/c it kinda defeats the purpose if I have to confirm remote hosting by walking into the other room, changing the tv input and confirming that it's ok to connect. Twice.

Yep, twice! 

So, I was happy to see a new Android app by TeamViewer. I installed it on my Minix and upgraded TeamViewer (v13? i think.) With the help of EventGhost and the command line option, I was able to open TeamViewer (and send a msg to Minix to open the Host app) to the device I intend to connect to (in this case, the Minix, which I'll probably create a shortcut on the desktop later).

Well, then I get a password prompt. In no way have I setup a password or even have the ability to from within the TeamViewer Host app (incomplete feature?) Thus rendering the cmd line aurguments useless. (i.e. -i customer_id -P password)

I was able to finally login in one of the many windows TeamViewer has strewn out across my 3 monitor setup. I found my device in the "Computers and Contacts" window. hit the down arrow and clicked on "Remote Control". I was able to access my Android Minix box after this terrible messy process, but it seems rather unintuitive.

Once I connect, I get ANOTHER window w/ inside of ANOTHER window which is my remotely connected computer. Then, I have to finally hit the fullscreen option (how about a hotkey?) and I'm where I want to be. Oh wait, and since the toolbar is always maximized I have to minimize that too.


So, in short, why am I not able to login w/out a password w/ the cmd line argument, but able to from within the UI?
Also, is there seriously a need for 3 seperate windows to be open? 
Is there a shortcut (cmd) or hotkey for the remotely connected device to be fullscreen? Or better yet, once connected? (especially w/ the toolbar minimized?)