Posted by TineH

Copy/Paste/Special keys not working as expected

I found a rather strange and weird issue I'm not sure what's going on. I hope someone else can help me or even provide a solution. I think this issue stared with the upgrade to v13.

So the issue is with forwarding special key combination via TW session to a RDP session on that computer.

The scenario is:
A friend asked me to take a look at his server (Windows), but it's not accessible freely, access only bound to his IP address.. so I connected to him via TW (I'm on Win 10, TW v13, he's on Win 10 v13, updated to the latest version) so far so good, everything works great, we can copy, move, transfer text and files...

... then I asked him to open a remote desktop connection via RDP (mstsc.exe) to the server so we can check.. and now here we are getting into the strange part... I can for example copy/paste text on his PC, but on the RDPed server in Notepad for example instead of copying text I've get typed letter c... if I want to undo with CTRL + Z, the letter z is typed. Same thing happens if I want to copy a folder CTRL+C and then paste CTRL+P, it jumps to a folder starting with the letter c and later to folder staring with p.. so the key combination CTRL + C/P is not working correct.. Also the same thing happens if I want to type a capital letter like Shift + A, its written a instead of A.

I have tried this on different RDP sessions and it's always the same, looks like the special keys combos are not getting forwarded through RDP session.. I haven't had this issue on TW 12 or previous versions as I can remember :)

Hope someone can test this and see if it's also happening to him or is there maybe something wrong with my installation of TW.
I haven't figured it out what is causing the problem but I hope some will know :)

Cheers for your time!

3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by Mel_AU

Re: Copy/Paste/Special keys not working as expected

Same here. Sometime works and sometime does not. Feeling frustaion now.

TV bersion  13.2.14327

Remote TV version 13.2.14327



Posted by mudflap

Re: Copy/Paste/Special keys not working as expected

I see this happen on occassion too. It happens usually in one direction only. The fix is to restart it on one end or the other. I haven't had time to TS it to which end needs to be restarted though. It is frustrating though. It seems to happen when I have something urgent or complicated to copy and paste...:/

Posted by upatrono

Re: Copy/Paste/Special keys not working as expected

I've noticed this on my All-In-One clients (not sure if hardware is related) they cannot Copy-Paste when TV service is running on local system.

1) When Service is disabled but TV program is running, they have to press Ctrl+V twice

2) When Both service and program are closed, Copy-Paste works just fine

3) when both service and program are running, clients cannot copy-paste, but if I connect to them, i can copy-paste from my local machine and their local machine and also cross-copy-paste.

I noticed this a couple years ago on an earlier build of TV and was quite surprised that several builds later this bug reappeared.