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Does Incoming LAN connections prevent internet access

Let's assume Incoming LAN connections is set to accept. If a Windows machine starts up and cannot access the internet I can see that TeamViewer defaults to display the IP address rather than the normal TeamViewer ID. If internet connectivity is then restored TeamViewer seems to stick with the IP address. This is not really ideal, I'd like it to keep trying to connect to the TeamViewer server. If Incoming LAN connections is set to deactivated does TeamViewer keep trying to establish an connection and will therefore get a TeamViewer ID once internet access is available? Is there any way to accept both IP and internet ID connections or is it one or the other?

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Re: Does Incoming LAN connections prevent internet access


TeamVIewer cuts the connection to the internet when you set this option to "accept exclusively". Normally, TeamVIewer detects the connection when it's set to "accept". If you choose the option "deactivated", TeamViewer will not show the IP when there is no internet.


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