Posted by clemstar

Downgrade to v11?

Version 12 doesn't allow me to switch sides with a partner who has version 11. Is it possible to downgrade back to version 11 until the production release of v12 is available?

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Posted by greg2k

Re: Downgrade to v11?

This is a huge problem for me at the moment. Your upgrade to v12 announcment on the Management Console was so vague I clicked it and automatically updated all my quicksupport modules to v12 beta, and now I can't provide support to my customers

Posted by Tranquil1

Re: Downgrade to v11?

I had someone remote update one of my computers and now I have no access to it because it's running v12.  Is there a way to remote downgrade?  Which I believe is what the others are asking here.

Posted by Maruco

Re: Downgrade to v11?

any solution to this remote downgrade?