Posted by Brabian

End session and lock remote computer

The latest V11 (66695) has just offered me a new log out option: End session and lock remote computer. But it doesn't offer the choice of not locking the remote computer and I've never seen this option before. Has anything changed? Did previous versions lock the remote computer without telling me? Can someone tell me what is going on?

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Posted by Michiel

Re: End session and lock remote computer

I have the same issue, and the weird thing is that it does this for some computers but not for all. Since our systems are POS systems... it's not handy the user get's locked out of the system. I can't find a option to turn this on/off.

Posted by Sam_Middleton

Re: End session and lock remote computer

When you're on a TV session if you click Actions and then Lock, there should be a checkbox you can untick that says "Lock on session end", this will end the session without locking the machine.

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Posted by premak

Re: End session and lock remote computer


Is it possible to disable this option completely? We are using TV on a server where EV codesigning dongle inserted. When the machine gets locked, the EV dongle gets disabled. This creates so much problem. Many users does not know about this option and they simply close the TV session after the usage.


Prema Kumar