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First time Sr. Citizen User Questions, Please


Am in my 80's ow, so please put up with a few dumb questions. I miss many of the nuances now. Want to try out the free version first, before purchasing.

If anyone has a few spare minutes, would be grateful for ay help with this:

a. What, if any, are the limitations in the free version ?

b. I have a Mac, and my son, not in the area has a W10 pc.  He often needs help with his pc.    Any problem in going Mac to pc, in both directions ?

c. Where does one obtain/get the pc and mac ID's that are apparently required to set up the  bi-directional connections ?

d. Can I download to his W10 pc new Programs, Apps, etc. to his pc without him having to do anything ?  What are the limitations of what i can and cannot do from my Mac to his pc ?

e. So many manuals, etc. on site. What should I download to get started as a first time user ?

Thank you very much for help; really appreciated,