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Grey, white windows along with menu scrolling and other issues.

I have two new identicallDell laptop comptuers.  Initially setup in shop and delivered to customer to complete configuration remotely.  Teamviewer Host 13 installed on both systems.  The immediate issue was related to scrolling on the start menu.  The start menu programs list showed up smaller that it should and is impossible to use.  The next issue was with Edge browser.  This showed up in the Settings menu and was again related to not being able to scroll in that window.  The initial page comes up in Edge but opening any other page results in the page to be displayed shown as a blank grey page.  Firefox comes up as a completely blank white box.  No menus or anything else.  Chrome seems to be working fine.

If I use RDP to connect to the system it works JUST FINE.  Interestingly WHILE connected via RDP to the system, Teamviewer also works JUST FINE!!!

 windows menu issue.png
Edge Settings menu issues.png
Edge Grey Screen.png