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Host Computer Application Windows Are Being Resized...

I don't know whether this is the right place to post this but here goes...

I am running TV for macOS as a host on an Apple MBA.  I am also running Parallels / Windows 10 on thhe host Apple MBA.  I am running TV for Wndows on a Windows 10 laptop as a remote computer.

When I dial-in from my REMOTE Windows 10 laptop to my HOST Apple MBA the application windows on the Parallels / Windows 10 side of the HOST Apple MBA are all being resized.  Specifically, the application windows occupy the left half of the Parallels / Windows 10 side of the screen. I never had this problem before noting both version of TV are current (i.e. remote is running 13.0.6447 while the host is also running 13.0.6447).

Would love to get this fixed as having to resize the application windows is a PITA!