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How to Make Teamviewer More Secure?

Hi there,

I am writng to hopefully, learn more about keeping my clients secure while I use Teamviewer to remotely connect to there computer? Safety is key, for me and my business.

  1. Is teamviewer secure anyway, without doing any steps?
  2. Should I use the 'VPN' each time I connect to my computers?

Are there anymore secure tips, out there?


Would I benifit using a wired connection, rathar than using wireless? (NOTE: My download speed is ~7 mbps.).


Thanks so much!

- Michael-221

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Re: How to Make Teamviewer More Secure?

Hi @Michael-221

Thank you for your post.

Yes, TeamViewer is very secure and security is also key for our business.

I would like to share some links with you, so that you can read more about the security topic and get answers to your questions.

How secure is TeamViewer (incl. link to the TeamViewer security page)

About TeamViewer VPN in short: You do not need a VPN connection for a regular TeamViewer remote control session.

All about passwords Read this article to learn where and how you can adjust your security level with the help of passwords.

The SECURITY label in the TeamViewer Knowledge Base

I hope these information will help you and give you the possibility to learn more about security in the TeamViewer software.

All the best, Esther