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How to import license on unattended installation

Hi TeamViewer community,

I have to deploy TeamViewer 14 on all the machines in the company. But there is a problem deploying the license since the new version wants to login with a TeamViewer account for verification.

On my Test-Machine I was able to install TeamViewer 13 with correct license, then "Upgrade Install" TeamViewer 14 via the ".exe" setup and got "PaidLicense" on the "About TeamViewer" screen. But if I try to do this on other machines it says "Free".

I also tried to export the settings from TeamViewer 13 with license to a ".reg" file and imported it to the TeamViewer 14 installation. It doesn't work.

If I try to do a "Upgrad Install" via the ".msi" file (which I generated on the TeamViewer Management Console) I get an error like "something is wrong with current installation please uninstall manually".

So my question is now: How can I deploy the new TeamViewer over our software deployment tool, with license but without to log in?


Best regards


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Re: How to import license on unattended installation

Hi @LTG-Ulm 

Thanks for your post.

As we switched to a full account based licensing with TeamViewer 14, you can simply deploy the software without the license information.

The users connecting to or from these devices just need to make sure to be logged in with their licensed TeamViewer accounts when making connections.

You can centrally manage the accounts of your staff members (incl. assigning the license to the accounts) within the User Management in the Management Console. 

user management.png


Thanks and best,



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