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In case of accidental deletion of files during remote repair

I accidentally deleted the file during the remote.

You have to recover from important data for several days.

I have not rebooted at this time, and the computer is scanning with a recovery program called Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, but that is not useful.

How is there no way to recover ??

You must recover.

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Re: In case of accidental deletion of files during remote repair


Thanks for posting and I am sorry to hear about your issue.

Unfortunately, TeamViewer is a remote control tool. So we give you the ability to control a remote computer, but we do not record files or track deletions.

Basically, when you are remoting in and you accidentally delete something, it is the same as if you were in front of the device and accidentally deleted something.

Because of this, I am sorry, but there is no solution for your issue in the TeamViewer software. All we can reccomend is trying third party recovery software as you said you have already done.


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