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Install TV in Local mode Only

hi everyone ;

am planing to install TV for remote support , so our IT team will be able to login to the user PC for support.

what i understood that , for user i will install TV host , my quastion is , can i the below deploy settings via GP ?

- password for open option

- connection useing lan exclusively

- don't shudown TV

- password mut change randomly , so the IT poeple will not save the password for any user



thanl you

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Re: Install TV in Local mode Only

Yes, you can deploy TeamViewer Host with these settings to Windows using Group Policy.

Download TeamViewer-Manual-MSI-Deployment-en.pdf for detailed instructions.

  • Do you have a license? You will need to login to your Management Console to download the msi installer.
  • Install and configure TeamViewer Host on one computer and export settings to get a .reg file.
  • The .msi and .reg need to be on a file share (in the same folder) available to all target computers.
  • Create your Group Policy Object.
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