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Install limit of three seems a bit too restrictive

Is there a better way to manage this?  Aside from all of the host installs linked to my account, I'm signed into my account on my desktop, laptop, and phone.  I went to sign into TeamViewer on my tablet device and found that I couldn't due to the limit being reached.  (I was not aware of such a limit when I purchased the Business License - it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere in the product feature comparison list.)

Am I missing something, or is there a better way for me to manage this?  I don't feel it's unreasonable for an IT support person to want to use TeamViewer on four, five, or even more different devices.  The ability to offer support 'on demand' is severely limited when I don't have convenient access.

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Re: Install limit of three seems a bit too restrictive

Yes I will need to request a refund this is rediculous. As expensive as the service is it doesn't make any sense to limit it like this. Limited to 1 session already...now I have to pay doube so that I can have a 1 limit session from multiple devices??? What in the actual F***