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Keyboard and mouse activity

Is there any way to see if there is keyboard and mouse activity before connecting in. I am looking to get away from logmein. Logmein does show if the computer is active before I connect. I do unattended support but not always at same time and i want to make sure I won't be breaking in on a customer while they are using the computer. I do my support around 6 AM and usually there is no one using their PC's but I have seen it when there is activity. If this is possible, I would switch to Teaqm Viewer.

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Posted by JedenTag

Re: Keyboard and mouse activity

I haven't seen a feature in TeamViewer that indicates user activity on remote computers. If I need to connect and don't want to disrupt the user, I send a message first. If there is no reply for a few minutes I assume the user is not present.

I admit this method is not fool proof. There have been a couple intrusions. 

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Re: Keyboard and mouse activity

I havent found it either.  LMI showed how long a user had been "away" via this activity.  I asked for the "feature" to be added.