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LAN Only - Very sluggish at times

Any recommendations to streamline this? Sometimes it works fantatic!  I am running the latest beta build as of this post.

I use Team Viewer to remote into my other PC, then fullscreen on a single monitor.  I tried using mouse without borders and dedicating the screen, but I end up often wanting that third monitor back while having TV running in the background.more often than not.

Sometimes, it is just EXTREMELY sluggish.  I would assume over LAN, my network isn't the issue.  I have settings set to optomize for speedas well.

Any ideas to improve speed/performance to make it as 'real-time' as possible would be great. THe computers are literally ~6" apart.  I could go direct from the 2nd ethernet on the desktop to the laptop, but would need to then mess with bridges and such for internet access.