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Latest TV 13 Black Screen On Mac Mojave and/or Windows 10

Bought a bunch of brand new computers last week:

MacBook Pro running Mojave. Installed TV 13.2.26559 - the latest non-beta version on their web site.

Windows 10 with all the latest upgrades installed. Installed TV 13.2.26558  - the latest non-beta version on their web site.

Connected from Win10 machine to Mac. Connected Time Machine backup drive and started Migration Assistant. Instant black screen on both ends - host computer went black, Teamviewer window for client machine showed the same. Could not figure out how to exit black screen on host, so we hard shut down. Tried it several times.

Switched to a Mac TV client running the same version of OS and TV as host. Same result.

Tried to uninstall TV 13 on new MacBook Pro by deleting all TV files. Now the new MBP won't even boot. White Apple logo at startup then BOOM, it restarts and is stuck in this loop.

Going to drive an hour to pick up the Mac and do a system restore, then figured I'd try TV 12. It always worked (once they got a nasty video bug resolved).

Has TV got any solution? I DO NOT like the idea of installing an un-tested version (v14) as TV has shown they release stuff without any regard to stability or usefulness.