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License trouble

My laptop with a v11 business license has several times "lost" its license, displaying free and give that nagging screen on remote computer "this has been a free...."
And I had to activatate now for 4 time and my "you are allowed to move 10 times "  is down to 7 on the same computer?

I have " an account" with my computers and that also can not access when "teamvier" "looses" it license,   Very irritating!
And it happens it looks like when i change internet conection.... or go VPN...
Attached picture show same computer activated 2 times... with different IDs??

And to I have used Teamviewer since version 9 and will not upgrade as every time I done so gives me problems and less functonality! (what I need and use!)

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Re: License trouble

Hi GeirOtto

Thank you for posting and we apologise for the hassle.

It looks like your ID is switching and as the activation is carried by the ID, this is switching as well.

Can you please raise a ticket with our support team here so we can provide a solution for you?


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