MSI Deployment without Active Directory updates

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MSI Deployment without Active Directory updates

Hi all

We're looking to use the MSI for silently deploy the TeamViewer Host, however we need to do so without making any of the active directory changes referenced in the install doc. Specifically we want to deploy the host so that it's associated with a specific TV account, but the doc only references how to accomplish this through AD updates.

Does anyone have experience with this at all? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Re: MSI Deployment without Active Directory updates

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your post.

With a MSI deployment is always need to do the configuration on the AD to be able have it done silently. For version 11 and older, MSI is the only mass deployment option, but with version 12 we now offer the MSI deployment, and also deployment of the Host module with auto account assignment that can be done by pretty any deployment software silently, the best of it, no AD configuration need it.  

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Hope that was helpful.