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Posted by Randyw909

Mac Catalina connection issue

trying to connect to an Apple iMac running Catalina. We get a connection and I can view their destop, but I cannot see any of the pull-down menus from my device. We both have the most current TeamViewer app installed (v14.6.2452). I am running on an Apple Macbook Pro Mid-2012 running OS X 10.12.6 and the other device is an Apple iMac running OS X 10.15. Any ideas? Thank you....

2 Replies
2 Replies
Posted by stefvh

Re: Mac Catalina connection issue

Posted by ArchieC

Re: Mac Catalina connection issue

You are running TeamViewer 14.6, MAC OS Catalina is only compatable with TeamViewer 14.7. I believe if you update it will take you up to version 15, so that could be the best bet for you. If you can't get to version 15, you may need to look up how you'd get to version 14.7.