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Middle mouse button won't rotate model in SolidWorks

I use SolidWorks on my Work Computer.  I connect remotely with TeamViewer (TV) and everything works well except one function of my middle  button (scroll button).  In-person use at my office, if I push the scroll button in SolidWorks (SW), I am able to rotate/spin my 3D model.  On my laptop, Using SW through TV, I was not able to rotate the model with my wireless mouse (Logitech M310), but plugging in a wired mouse (Logitech Click! optical), the middle button worked as if I were at the office.

I am now using a desktop computer with a Wireless mouse (Logitech M510), and the  wired one, and neither of the mice's middle button will rotate model. 

All 3 computers are using Windows 10.

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Re: Middle mouse button won't rotate model in SolidWorks

Hi @pkershner 

This sounds like a conflict with software and wireless mouses.

Here is a hint: Could you reassign the middle mouse button and see if this helped you?

You can find info about how to do it here in this post.

Of course, you could try to use only one wired mouse if this not help you.

Best regards