Não aparece a senha para acessar remotamente

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Não aparece a senha para acessar remotamente

I am upset... and angry

"An unexpected error has occurred.
Your request failed. Contact your system administrator and provide the data and time when you receive the error and this exception ID: 37FF74E2.
Click the Back button in your browser to continue. "

Well, my problem is that I downloaded, installed, uninstalled, reinstalled  and  the password did not appear to give me remote access

Chat boot didn't "talk" to me because I am using a free license. And so it could not even pass me on to a human being ...

I was shocked by this kind of answer.

With this way of treating customers, it's no wonder many use a free version of the app.

If this company is more sensitive to customer demand that uses a free license, perhaps many more customers pay for the license.

But, this way? aff ...

So can a good-hearted person here can  explain to me why an ID appears, but not a password?

I am using a laptop with Windowns operating system. On the personal computer looks normal, but here on the notebook does not.

Thanks in advance to those who can help me.