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Posted by AkumaTsubasa

Need trustful help for inspecting a logfile


I just tried to call the support and got told I have to submit a ticket because I am not a super rich company spending lotsa monies... okay trying to open a ticket got told they don't help private people... awesome... Now I have a serious problem and would need official help as my problem contains private data and there is no way to contact and I don't want to send any confidential data to some randoms that claim to know everything about teamviewer... Thanks for that.

But I still want to state my problem maybe someone has a workaround tip.

A friend of mine was calling with me when she suddenly got a shock because someone logged in into her teamviewer and tried to a new password for the login, that is what she told me what it looked like. I then logged into it and tried to find traces of that login. (Thanks TV for not providing a clear visible log of every ID that even just tries to connect to us)

After some fiddling I found the logfile and copied it over to my computer so it doesn't get lost due to any reset or anything and tried to understand and analyze it. While I manage to find my login and my ID I fail to find any other IDs that logged into TV on her computer. She sometimes let her Boyfriend access to show him some stuff and we have the feeling he might have tried to do funny things but interestingly I can not find his ID anywhere in the logs. 

Now what I wanted to ask the support is to help us find out who logged in when and what was this mysterious login was where I can't find any ID to it.

Is there any way to still contact support or anything ?



2 Replies
2 Replies
Posted by Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

Re: Need trustful help for inspecting a logfile

Hello @AkumaTsubasa,

Thank you for your post.

If you feel someone has accessed your device without your authorization, please contact so our security team may assist you with this matter.

Thank you in advance.

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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Posted by AkumaTsubasa

Re: Need trustful help for inspecting a logfile


since I clearly wrote that it was about an unauthorized login on a PCs friend I hope the team will still help me, as the website and phone clearly shows they don't want to communicate with normal users :/

kind regards,