Posted by TikiGiki

New paint on an old TV?

In response to a vague reply to support on a ticket created last night, I thought I would repost here to see if it could gain any traction:

Maybe I'm the only one who finds it difficult to follow-up on a a ticket when the copy of the ticket isn't included in the email reply. Is there logic for this? I've had the same recurring issue on many computers over the years with Teamviewer and submitting logs doesn't seem to help the customer at all, otherwise, I would have learned by now what - if any- the solution is. Usually the response is: "Are you still facing this issue?" with no note as to what we were working on. As a result, the only thing I now know is any time I have any issue, 99% of the time I am asked to submit logs. 
In several instances I try to connect remotely and while it says 'connecting...' it just times out with no error prompt. At other times, it may say 'Error no connect". My service, using Teamviewer to support other users loses credibility when I constantly have to interrupt them to manually exit, reinstall or send me logs. I'd like to think after 5 years these repetitive issues would be resolved in an FAQ that maybe I have overlooked and you could link me to?
Whatever the case, I'm STILL seeing where many remote computers aren't automatically updating to the latest version even though they are set to and I have policies in place to enforce such.
I know each year TV has to sell a new version, but sometimes I wonder if the old issues are ignored, painted a new color and shipped with a new bell & whistle.