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Not Ready Message?

Hello, I've been running Teamviewer faithfully for years. Just upgraded to version 13, worked fine for a few days, then popped up with the "Not ready, check your connection message". Whats odd is that I can run windows 7 (emulated) on the same machine and the Win version of Teamviwer connects fine, as does any other computer in the household. All machines are running High Sierra and connected to the same network. The network is based on a Bell router with 2 Airport Extremes and two Airport Express units.

After reading a few posts, a "commerscial use suspected" mention was made so I contacted Teamviewer. I was told my account is set to personal use and this is not the issue. Further research mentioned a "hosts" file, but that was on windows. Another post mentioned IPV6, but that is above my head. Nothing has changed from when it was working.

I am confused why three other machines have no issues, it's just the one desktop. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss as to what the issue could be.