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Not ready... Identification failed due to an error 6

After an upgrade to TV 14 several months ago I have not yet got a connection. All I get is "Not ready. Please check your connection".

Other users of TV in office have no problem to get the connection to TV. We can't change any connection values as DNS or ip adress of our own; all is centrally controled.

I uses Windows 10 and TV 14.4.2669.

In logfile TeamViewer14_Logfile.log I have en entry that I think is the problem. The entry is:

IdentityAssembler::ParseIdentifyCommandResponse: Identification failed due to an error [6]

Before we had two different licenses, but with version 14 we only have one left. It could be that I am still on the license we removed. I have no chance to change the license anywhere. All the inputfields for email and password are disabled.