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Older business licence on IOS

Hi guys,

I've got a TeamViewer 11 business licence, recently I purchased an iPad and installed Teamviewer on it - after doing so, I logged into the management console and tried to add my licence to my iPad's TeamViewer ID and received an error saying "Licence activation failed - The TeamViewer version of the ID does not match the licence entered"... now I know the issue, the iPad has V13 and my licence is V11... but how do I get an older version of TeamViewer installed on IOS... I purchased the licence under the impression that it was a lifetime licence (which essentially it is), well I'm still in this lifetime and would like to use it on my tablet (which I could before)

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Re: Older business licence on IOS

Hi Xiiphoid

Thank you for posting. 

On mobile devices, you should be able to use your old license on our latest app. Unfortunately currently our activation tool does not work for mobile devices. Please contact our support or submit a ticket so that we can get your license activated.