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Password expire after one connection


I am using the free version to connect two computers. After connecting and disconnecting to the remote computer, the password expires. Why is this happening? It is inconvenient that I have to restart TeamViewer in the remote computer to get a new password, which in turn only works for one time.

Is there a solution to this problem?



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5 Replies
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TeamViewer Staff

Re: Password expire after one connection

Hello PaG,

thank you for using the TeamViewer Community!

This sounds like "Random password after each session" setting was changed.


Please check the following on your remote computer:

- Open TeamViewer Options and go to "Advanced"

- in the section "Advanced settings for connections to this computer" search for "Random password after each session"

- change this setting to "Keep current" 


Another solution might be to setup an unattended access for your remote computer.

- Open TeamViewer Options and go to "Security"

- in the section "Personal password (for unattended access)" enter and confirm your personal password.

Note: please keep this password to yourself and use a strong password. Also note that setting a personal password will enable "Start TeamViewer with Windows", but you can disable this option afterwards if you wish.


I hope this solves your problem.


kind regards,


Posted by UDbmas

Re: Password expire after one connection

I did all this and it now says someone there must approve the connection?  We need better, more complete instructions.  I don't want to have to call someone everytime I want to log in. I am supposed to be able to do this seamlessly.

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Re: Password expire after one connection

In such a scenario perhaps you should set up an unattended access to the machine. You can do it in easy way, just click Connection button on remote machine's TeamViewer application window and choose Unattended access configuration button. Then, just type the same password twice, remember it and you are done - your personal password will persist the same after each disconnecting, either the random password setting isn't changed.

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Re: Password expire after one connection

This worked for me thanks.

May I suggest that a "recipe book" would be a useful tool.

Then all the correct settings for doing a set task could be easily explained in one place.

In my case I have a particular problem.

My remote PC is used as a camera server to remotely monitor machines that run 24 hours a day.

This task is incompatible with Windows 10 need to restart whenever Microsoft decides it needs to be done.

I am looking for a way to either stop Windows 10 restarting itself (difficult and constantly changing as fixes are found then blocked by Microsoft).

OR to make Team Viewer restart automatically with the same password each time windows reboots.

Getting Team Viewer restart when Windows restarts works OK.

But I still have to go to the remote location to find out what the new password is.

Is there a way to get Team Viewer to keep using the same password when it has been restarted?

I tried using the Easy Access function but I could not find the list of settings needed to make this work properly.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, and best regards Alex.


Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Password expire after one connection

Hello Alex,

short describtion of easy access usage:

This setup has to be done on the machine that you wish to control without a password.

- Precondition: You have a TeamViewer Account and it is logged in. 

- Go to: Extras -> Options -> General

- Section "Account assignment"

- Choose "Assign to Account..."

- Confirm Pop up via "Assign" (since you are logged in, this will havbe as preset that account), but you could still choose to assign a differnent account, if you skipped the mentioned precondition.

-> Still in Options, now go to Tab "Security"

- In section "Personal password" activate the box "Grant <Your account name> easy access" (This option will only be available if "Account assignement was done")

- Close Options via "OK"


So now, how does it work?

- Log In with the account you assigned on your other machine.

Start a connection to the remote machine.

No password will be asked for.

You may now log in anywhere in the world with assigned account and have "easy access" to the setup machine.


Option two:

- In Tab "Security" setup "Personal password" make it a very good password!

- From anywhere in the world connect to the remote machine - enter the "personal password" and done :)



Please let me know if this helped you.


Kind regards,