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Philips Signage TVs

HI Guys & Gals,

I manage several of the above with Teamviewer for a hotel group and want to know if the TVs can be restarted via Teamviewer. It is not practical to have to ring the manager of the hotel, ask him to get the maintenance manager to find the remote control and do a restart the TV, if there is an issue, so having the ability to restart the TV via Teamviewer would be a blessing...

Also: can anyone tell me how to enable 'black screen' via Teamviewer so that I can work on the TVs without the public seeing what I am doing.....

Pretty please.... thank you all.

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Re: Philips Signage TVs

Hi @austenlennon 

Thank you for your post. 

Unfortunately, restarting a Philips monitor with TeamViewer is currently not possible yet. I kindly reccomend posting this Feature Request in our Ideas Board

You can turn the remote Philips TV black, to work on it secretly. Please find all information in the following article: "Black Screen Function" in TeamViewer Host and Philips Monitor integration

Hope this could help. Wish you a great day. :)

All the best,

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Re: Philips Signage TVs

Thank you Natascha

The link you provided tell me that the network card can be switched off and that the logo can be removed from the start up...  It explains nothing about how to achieve a black screen remotely.