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Printing in Version 14 for private Users

Î am a private user and uses the remote printing possibiliy in the past without Problems. After update to version 14 it isn't possible to print. I get a hint that private user couldn't use this funktion any more. It this correct? Is there a positility to downgrade to a privios version so that I can use the printing funktion or have I to buy the professional version. That would be not good. I am sad. Regards

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Re: Printing in Version 14 for private Users

Hello @JeffersonGava

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, TeamViewer is only free in the latest version...and in the latest version, the remote printing has been disabled.

Please read the following post of our Community Manager to get more information about this change: Re: How to reenable disable remote input on Free version?

Sorry I couldn't bring a solution to your request.



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