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Problem with Grant Easy access TV14

Hi All.

I've followed the guides to install TV14 through GPO, which is working perfeclty fine.  I've done this by using AD GPO with assigned software and ORCA - MST Transform file. With the following Values:



I've deployed the TV14 msi onto a few laptops and they all work with the TV14 policy I've created. 

All good then?......well no not really....grant easy access doesn't seem to be working.  The policy I've set states that the "user has to allow me connection" to the PC but this is, at the moment is the only thing not working.  I'm frustrated with it and could do with someone extended a hand to help.

Hope the above makes sense and that "someone" can help me resolve this.  I'm sure it can be done using the MST transform file such luck yet.

Thanks in advance.


2 Replies
2 Replies
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Re: Problem with Grant Easy access TV14

Hi @gavindownes 

Thank you for your post.

As MSI depllyment can be very complicated sometimes, kindly check out Mass deployment improvements for Windows devices or Mass deployment on macOS for additional information. 

If you would like to have individual support on this topic, feel free to contact TeamViewer Support Team for further assistance.



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Re: Problem with Grant Easy access TV14

Hello @gavindownes

Thank you for your message.

Let me add something here, as @Ying_Q and myself asked the engineers about your issue.

According to our engineers, it is normal that easy access does not work in your scenario.

You have set up Easy Access and at the same time a policy that prevents Easy Access. So the system has to choose which one is dominant. As it is a connection access policy, the policy will be dominant.

In other words:

The policy Access control outgoing connections with the parameter Control remote computers set on After confirmation is stronger than the Easy Access you have deployed.

You need to choose if you want Easy Access or connections with confirmation of the partner.

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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