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Problem with Remote connection on Tablet


im using Temviewer11 to connect from my Win10 PC 2 Tablets.

One of the Tablets i cant connect remote because there is no button. Why?





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Re: Problem with Remote connection on Tablet

Hi Alikante!

Thanks for posting.

From the looks of your connection, it seems there is no QS addon installed which means you will not be able to use full control. However, there are some Tablets that TeamViewer cannot remotely control as we need co-operation from the manufacturer to control android devices. You can find out more about this here: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/help/341-How-can-I-control-my-Android-device-with-TeamViewer

It looks like you are using a Touchlet X5? If this is the case, unfortunately we do not support these devices. I'm sorry for the issue there.

All the best

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Re: Problem with Remote connection on Tablet

Thanks 4 your Answer.

Yes one of my Tablets is an X5, but the remote connection works fine on this Device.

The not working one is an "I-Onik TP7-1000 DC" with Info TM X15 Chipset.