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Quick support User ID blank

After upgrading to Version 9 my quick support module on client machines is blank. Password seems OK. Have been through help for hours here and seem be going around in circles. Finally tried to enter a ticket - but could not find that solution "button" suggested by staff to enter my user ID. Plus do not use a proxy server on any of my devices.

I followed one suggestion from a TV user on the internet that had 10 suggested solutions for my issue. The first one crashed my main computer OS to the point had to pay $70 to have it reloaded w/o crashing my apps and data.

One solution suggested going into my User Account to note change to V9 - that I was never able to do. Was taken back to entering email/paw over and over - then asked to verify my machine and IP address again and again.

I have users of my SW needing assistance - and for the first time in many years, can't figure out how to reach them with TV.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

rlbuchanan (Robert)

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Re: Quick support User ID blank

Hello @rlbuchanan,

Thank you for your message. 🙌

I recommend you to recreate a new QuickSupport in version 9. 🕵️‍♂️

You will find all the information you need about how to proceed here: Re: Automatic updating my clients to version 9 of their teamviewer host

I hope this could help. 🍀



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