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Re-assign a service session to a teammember

Bob is doing a screenshare with Sue trying to resolve an issue. Sue is using the QuickSupport module to share her screen with Bob. Bob gave her his custom QuickSupport link so the case would autmatically be assigned to him. Bob realizes that he needs to escalate the case to me. How can I take control of the session with Sue?

Under "Service Queue," I can see Bob's session under "Connection Reports", but not under "Sessions". There is no option to "Assign" under "Connection Reports".

When Bob clicks the "Assign" button, he can't see my name as an option, only his own name. When I click "Assign", I can only see my own name, not Bob's name.

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Re: Re-assign a service session to a teammember

Hi @browlry

Thank you so much for your post.

First of all, please make sure that Bob had shared the Group (where the sessions via Quick-Support are automatically added) with you.

If not, please follow this steps...

A group can be shared in the management console (click on pencil icon)


Choose the contact(s) you like to share with 


Now Bob could assing the active session to you.
Please go to the management console --> service queue


The session is assign to you.

An additional option to invite an other contact to an active session is:

Bob is doing the screenshare with Sue and needs help by you. He could invite you to the running session via TeamViewer toolbar.


If he pushes the buttion "invite" he will see his computer & contact list.


After invitation, you (here Kevin :smileyhappy: ) will receive a notification. As soon as you accept the invitation your both are in the active session with Sue.


Bob might even leave the session, if he like.

I hope this is helpful!!!






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