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Received CMD_ENDSESSION with reason: 3 during handshake


I've had the following but on several Windows Server 2016 running a teamviewer 10:

When I try to connect on some id, the connection is immediately refused without error appearing.

In logs file, I see that during the handshake, after sending the hello message, I receive an End Session:

IProcessCommandHandler[234]::CmdEndSession(): Received CMD_ENDSESSION with reason: 3

Here is what I have noticed:

  • Server has access on the internet (this server appears as connected in my account)
  • I can try to connect this ID with any teamviewer version (10/11/12/13) problem still the same
  • A simple connection on this serveur using Windows remote Desktop seems to unlock teamviewer connection.

Why do I receive a CMD_ENDSESSION during the handshakre? How to solve it and how to prevent this problem?