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Posted by smartwombat

Recording sessions

It seems that either I haven't configured it correctly, or session recording isn't working as I expect in TV 13 Beta.

Where should the recorded .tvs files be stored ?

it seems they are expected to be in the Documents folder for the logged in user.
Because if I click on Extras > Play or convert recorded session in the TeamViewer window it opens up This PC > Documents with a suggested extension of (*.tvs).

I set up a policy to Start Recording of Remote Sessions Automically but does that record on the computer I connect to ?
What I want is a central repository of session recordings (like GoToAssist does) that I can then download for auditing/governance purposes.

But not for it to be as snail-like as GTA in operation. Nice features, but glacial in use.

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1 Reply
Posted by smartwombat

Re: Recording sessions

OK, seems I have to apply it to the computer that initiates the support session.
So there is no feature to centrally record the sessions ?
Only to report on the sessions happening, and that only if the client I am supporting has that option set ?