Removing Teamviewer completely (including ID) for cloning

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Removing Teamviewer completely (including ID) for cloning


As the title sugests, I would like to remove TeamViewer in order to take an image a Windows 10 PC. 

I've seen the article saying that it needs to be sysprep'd.... however, I'm not in a position to do this due to the way we've setup the machine. (the imaged machines will be stand alone and not part of a domain). I'm concerned the sysprep process will generalize the image a little too much, though i'm yet to test. 

Is there a way i can remove TV (or enough of it) so that any future installations of TV on the new machines to they wont get the same ID which is what happens currently. 

I've tried lots of the suggestions on the community (most a couple of years old now), including deleting the TV folders/keys from the registry etc etc. 

There must be a way to acheive this without sysprep...?? It sounds relatively straight forward for a mac....why isn't there an option to do the same for Windows?

I'm not overly keen to use some dodgy 3rd party tool...though i may have to. 

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!