Posted by Abestr

Samsung Knox

I just installed the quicksupport on Samsung Galaxy S7, but cant connect from any pc or phone, I get the popup "in order to remotely control this device, please activate Samsung Knox" i tried to search all over how to activate Knox, but no results.
Please help
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Posted by gda000

Re: Samsung Knox

The message has an activate button in the bottom right of the message box.   When I selected it I got connected and could remotely work on my Galaxy S2 tablet.  I was impressed.   However, when I disconnected, the tablet locked up, touch screen nonresponsive, couldn't power off, could not reconnect using teamviewer.  I was able to perform a hardware reset after about 15 minutes of frantic searching.  Not sure if this is a Teamviewer problem or a Knox problem at this point.  Still testing.