Posted by Vilhelm

Send key combinations bug?

I often have multiple Teamviewer sessions active in the background while i'm working with something else on my own PC - I will then sometimes find out that the windows button and other key combinations are not working. If I then disable 'Send key combinations' then it'll work again.

To clarify: Teamviewer will sometimes send windows key combinations to active sessions even when those sessions are in the background.

Have any of you experienced this and is there a solution other than just disabling 'send key combinations'..?

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Posted by Cakemasher

Re: Send key combinations bug?

I can confirm your issue as I'm experiencing the same as you described. I 'fix' it differently however. Everytime I press 'Tab' for example, it seems to be sent to the active session that is running in the background. When I open that TeamViewer window, click on something within the session and then place it in the background again, it seems to be fixed. I repeat that action everytime the issue comes up again.
Posted by mLipok

Re: Send key combinations bug?

I can confirm that I have the same issue.

If TeamViewer "Connection Window" is not active then any keys could not be send to remote host.

The same with CTRL+C and CTRL+V feature I mean that Clipboard can not be shared directly.
This is very important for GPDR !!!!


mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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