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Service Camp & Teamviewer Service Queue


We are currently looking at teamviewer as a way of users reporting issues to us.

we have two types of users - one type - factory operators which we would like them to use something simple - they do not have email access so right clicking on the teamviewer app and 'Ask for help' could work well.  When this is done it creates an item in service queue.
the other type of user we have are office users which reporting via email would work well.  Using service camp we could receive all their issues. 

How can we combine both types of issues into one reporting system - servicecamp?
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Re: Service Camp & Teamviewer Service Queue

Dear user,

Thank you for your message.

It is unfortunately not possible to "merge" these two functions.

With service camp, users need an e-mail account in order to ask for help.

But there is a solution I can offer you:

You could use for all your users (factory operators and office workers) the Quick Support, which you install on their devices, so all requests go into the same pool: the service queue.

I hope this answer could help you.

Have a good rest of the day.



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