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Service Queue requests

So I have created & deployed a 24/7 host Teamviewer 14 to my client across a dozen different companies. I have their computers organized by groups in the eamViewer Management Console. When they click on Request Support from the Host icon on their desktop, I get a request in the service queue based on a CONTACT. This raises several questions/issues:
1. even though I've set a password on the host configuration - since the service request is linked to a contact, not a computer, I have to wait for the contact on the host computer to approve my connection - so if someone (often) opens a support reuqest saying "I'm going to lunch, fix this issue before I get back" - I can't access the machine without them approving the request - yeah.. which sucks. Which raises the next question..
2. Why is that request from a contact instead of a computer? And why can't I choose how these requests will be created in the setup/configuration/customization of the Host file?
3. or at least how can a contact be associated to a specific computer? Since i CAN access every computer via hard set password without user interaction - i technically CAN get onto the computer of the contact requesting the spport - I just need to know what computer name that contact was requesting the serice from - but I don't see a way to link contacts to specific computer - again.. yeah.. that sucks..

How do other TeamViewer users get around this?