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Session closes after starting using TV13 on my android phone

Hi all

I just upgraded from TV12 to 13, and despite reinstalling it, I'm not able to use it. I use it to connect my PC to my mobile phone for when I'm not at home, and since upgrading, whenever I start a remote access with my phone, what happens is that it does connect, and in my phone I can see my desktop, but if i try to move the mouse, automathically what happens is that in my computer session closes so I have to enter my user session again, but to no avail because again after trying to use TV on my phone, it sistematically closes.

I don't know if it is because i have to change something in settings, antivirus, or whatever but i need help because I can't find a similar problem on google to try and solve it from there.

PS: I have uploaded both Pc and smartphone version.