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Slower Connection

I have a feeling that ever since I installed Teamviewer 12 the connection is slower; more lagging. Furthermore, I noticed that I sometimes need to double-blick on applications or buttons to actually open them (instead of once). Once the application is running (like Word for example), I can type and everything is almost in real time.

On my home computer, the connection is 1 Gbp/s up and down and on my other computer the connection speed is 30 / 10 Mbps. 

I have had this problem for almost a week. Has anyone else experienced any change in speed with Teamviewer 12?

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4 Replies
Posted by bartlanz

Re: Slower Connection

I have not had any issues. I use teamviewer to do support accross the country to many customers on different machines. The only one who's been slow is because they called due to their internet being slow... Doesn't really count. The rest TV 12 has been performing as well or better than TV 11. 

Things to try when having performance issues:

On the Ribbon menue, Try clicking on view then instead of auto select, try optimize speed, als make sure hide wall paper is checked off. If you are still having performance issues, try using grey scale. Contacting support is always an option too.

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Bart Lanzillotti
Posted by CareerUp

Re: Slower Connection


With Version 11 doing data transfer, the speed was up to the full bandwidth available (20/20 Mbps), but with version 12 there is wild variance in teh upload & download speeds.

I am considering asking for a refund on version 12.

Posted by MarTre

Re: Slower Connection

I have a connection to more than 20 countries around the globe. Only a connection to Japan and Thailand is visibly slowing down, but it may be more a problem of the network itself rather than the application.

BTW my location is Poland.

Posted by Sindib

Re: Slower Connection

I confirm having the same problem but I have now narrowed it down to one particular laptop running Windows 10. It doesn't matter whether I try to connect to that laptop remotely or on the same network, from another PC or using the iOS or Android app. The connection to that laptop is dead slow and it takes more than 5 seconds for any input to appear on the remote screen. This all started shortly after updating to TV12 on that machine but I previously never had any issues with it.